US Numbered Highways in 1927. Another Model T

Original explanation of US highway numbering, layout, and purpose reprinted from American Highways, Vol VI, No. 2, April 1927 :

For the Convenience of the Traveling Public a Limited System of State Roads Have Been Given Continuous Numbers Across the Country

For the past two years, the State highway departments of the Nation have been working on a plan, in cooperation with the Deparment of Agriculture, of designating certain through roads with numbers that would be carried continuous from coast to coast. Naturally this carries a limited mileage, but it is believed that the system approved takes care of the major part of interstate traffic.
The plan adopted provides that roads running north and south shall be odd numbers and roads running east and west, even numbers. Necessarily there must be some diagonal routes joining these odd and even routes. In laying out this system the highway officials felt that the simplicity of the plan adopted would be popular with the people, and in a large majority of the States, the numbers chosen have already been erected. The total mileage involved in the routes selected is 96,626 miles. This includes mileage through cities. In some instances, paticularly in mountainous country, it is necessary, for short distances, that a road carry two numbers; but in such cases both numbers will be erected on the same post and it will not be at all confusing to the traveling public. The design adopted is the commonly known United States shield outline, and this shield carries the route number, as well as the State name through which the road passes.
The following descriptions of these routes have been prepared after careful observation and approval of the State officials of each State. The roads designated by these numbers do not have any special preference over other roads on the Federal Aid Highway System, as far as construction and financing are concerned, but it is impossible to simplify interstate travel and have the entire Federal Aid System numbered according to this plan.

On November 11, 1926, AASHO accepted this list, and the individual states adopted the scheme at their own pace near that time. Some states had already posted routes during 1926 based on the 1925 plan, others waited until January 1927 to adopt these routes. In a few states, these were the only numbered state highways. The original list was point to point, listing cities, towns, and villages the road was to be routed through. As you can see below, split routes have been a fact since the plan was adopted, added as a compromise measure to get all the states to accept the scheme. All routes listed from north to south and / or east to west. Obvious typos in original list corrected (noted in the table in this color).

Symbology: (*) International boundary, (-) State line, (+) Road junction

Route From Via To Miles Notes
US 1 Fort Kent, ME * ME NH MA RI CT NY NJ PA MD DC VA NC SC GA FL Miami, FL 2328  
US 2 Houlton, ME * ME NH VT NY Rouses Point, NY - 2409 East leg
US 2 Sault Sainte Marie, MI * MI WI MN ND MT ID Bonners Ferry, ID -- West leg; Length included above
US 3 Colebrook, NH NH MA Boston, MA 253 Exten W. Stewartstown by 1928
US 4 Portsmouth, NH NH VT NY Glens Falls, NY 194  
US 5 Derby Line, VT * VT MA CT New Haven, CT 313 Jogged into NH by 1928
US 6 Provincetown, MA MA RI CT Mill Plain, CT - 707 East leg
US 6 Kingston, NY NY PA Erie, PA -- West leg; Length included above
US 7 Highgate Springs, VT * VT MA CT Norwalk, CT 304 S End still in NYC from 1925 plan in 1928, 1929 maps show no US 7 in NY
US 8 Powers, MI MI WI MN Wyoming, MN 312 Begin shifted to Quinnesec, MI by 1928
US 9 Rouses Point, NY * NY NJ Abescon, NJ 584 Includes US 9W
US 9E Glens Falls, NY NY New York City, NY 160 N end trunc Albany by 1928
US 9W Glens Falls, NY NY Sparkill, NY 158 N end trunc Albany by 1928
US 10 Detroit, MI MI Ludington, MI 2481 East leg; Ferry
US 10 Manitowoc, WI WI MN ND MT ID WA Seattle, WA -- West leg; Includes US 10N; Length included above
US 10N St. Cloud, MN MN Moorhead, MN 201 Via Motley, MN
US 10S St. Cloud, MN MN Moorhead, MN 211 Via Fergus Falls, MN
US 11 Rouses Point, NY NY PA MD WV VA TN GA AL MS LA Pearl River, LA - 1696  
US 12 Detroit, MI MI IN IL WI MN SD ND MT Miles City, MT 1301  
US 13 Morrisville, PA PA DE MD VA Cape Charles, VA 245  
US 14 Winona, MN MN SD Philip, SD + 599  
US 15 Harrisburg, PA PA MD VA NC Rockingham, NC 460  
US 16 Detroit, MI MI Grand Haven, MI 1460 East leg; Ferry
US 16 Milwaukee, WI WI MN SD WY Worland, WY -- West Leg; Length included above
US 17 Fredricksburg, VA VA NC SC GA FL Jacksonville, FL 949  
US 17-1 Petersburg, VA VA NC Wilmington, NC 243 The only hyphenated route ever assigned.
US 18 Milwaukee, WI WI IA SD WY Mule Creek, WY + 1029  
US 19 Erie, PA PA WV Gauley Bridge, WV + 767 North leg
US 19 Bluff City, TN TN NC GA Lawrenceville, GA -- South Leg; Length included above
US 20 Boston, MA MA NY PA OH IN IL IA NE WY Yellowstone NP, WY 2542  
US 21 Cleveland, OH OH WV VA NC SC Yemassee, SC 793  
US 22 Elizabeth, NJ NJ PA WV OH Cambridge, OH 490  
US 23 Mackinaw, MI MI OH Portsmouth, OH 625  
US 24 Pontiac, MI MI OH IN IL MO Kansas City, MO 771  
US 25 Port Huron, MI MI OH KY TN NC SC North Augusta, SC - 792 Includes US 25E
US 25E Newport, KY KY Richmond, KY 129 North Leg; Via Paris, KY; Gone by 1928
US 25W Newport, KY KY Richmond, KY 191 North Leg; Via Georgetown, KY; Gone by 1928
US 25E Corbin, KY KY TN Knoxville, TN -- South Leg; Via Cumberland Gap, TN; Length included above
US 25W Corbin, KY KY TN Knoxville, TN -- South Leg; Via Jellico, TN; Length included above
US 26 Ogallala, NE NE WY Dwyer, WY + 225  
US 27 Cheboygan, MI MI IN OH Cincinnati, OH 516 Extended to Chattanooga, TN by 1928
US 28 Ontario, OR OR Florence, OR 462  
US 29 Kings Mountain, NC NC SC GA AL Tuskegee, AL 393  
US 30 Atlantic City, NJ NJ PA WV OH IN IL IA NE WY ID OR Astoria, OR 3472 Includes US 30N
US 30N Granger, WY WY ID Burley, ID 326 East Leg; Via Pocatello, ID
US 30S Granger, WY WY UT ID Burley, ID 280 Via Ogden, UT
US 30N Fruitland, ID ID OR Ontario, OR + -- West leg; Via Weiser, ID; Length included above
US 31 Mackinaw, MI MI IN KY TN AL Mobile, AL 1385  
US 31E New Albany, IN IN KY Louisville, KY - -- Via Jeffersonville, IN; Length included above
US 31W New Albany, IN IN KY Louisville, KY - -- Via K&I Bridge; Length included above
US 32 Chicago, IL IL IA Council Bluffs, IA 511  
US 34 Sheffield, IL IL IA Council Bluffs, IA 395  
US 36 Indianapolis, IN IN IL MO KS Colby, KS + 938  
US 38 Omaha, NE NE CO Greely, CO 598  
US 40 Atlantic City, NJ NJ DE MD PA WV OH IN IL MO KS CO UT NV CA Oakland, CA 3220 Includes US 40N
US 40N Manhattan, KS KS CO Limon, CO 449 Via Kanorado, KS
US 40S Manhattan, KS KS CO Grand Junction, CO 884 Via Weskan, KS
US 41 Copper Harbor, MI MI WI IL IN KY TN GA FL Naples, FL 1958  
US 41W Chattanooga, TN TN GA Cass Station, GA + 100 Via Rome, GA
US 42 Cleveland. OH OH Cincinnati, OH 251  
US 45 Chicago, IL IL KY TN MS AL Mobile, AL 917  
US 48 French Camp, CA CA San Jose, CA 67  
US 49 Jackson, MS MS Gulfport, MS 175  
US 50 Annapolis, MD MD DC VA WV MD WV OH IN IL MO KS CO UT Thistle, UT 2856 East leg; Includes US 50N
US 50 Ely, NV NV CA Sacramento, CA -- West leg; Length included above
US 50N Baldwin City, KS KS Garden City, KS 340 Via Great Bend, KS
US 50S Baldwin City, KS KS Garden City, KS 391 Via Hutchinson, KS
US 51 Hurley, WI WI IL KY TN MS LA New Orleans, LA 1359  
US 52 Huntington, WV - WV OH IN Fowler, IN + 343  
US 53 Superior, WI WI LaCrosse, WI 272  
US 54 Pittsfield, IL IL MO KS OK TX NM Vaughn, NM 1071  
US 55 Minneapolis, MN MN IA Dubuque, IA 267  
US 60 Virginia Beach, VA VA WV KY MO Springfield, MO 1382  
US 61 Grand Portage, MN * MN WI IA MO AR TN MS LA New Orleans, LA 1750  
US 63 Des Moines, IA IA MO AR Turrell, AR 606  
US 64 Conway, AR AR OK NM Capulin, NM 766  
US 65 St. Paul, MN MN IA MO AR LA MS Natchez, MS - 1139  
US 66 Chicago, IL IL MO KS OK TX NM AZ CA Los Angeles, CA 2448  
US 67 Fredericktown, MO MO AR TX Dallas, TX 654  
US 68 Maysville, KY KY Paducah, KY 389  
US 69 Leon, IA IA MO Kansas City, MO 154  
US 70 Beaufort, NC NC TN AR OK TX NM AZ Holbrook, AZ 2330  
US 71 International Falls, MN * MN IA MO AR LA Port Allen, LA 1686  
US 72 Jasper, TN TN AL MS TN Bartlett, TN + 297  
US 73 Auburn, NE NE KS OK Atoka, OK 555 Includes US 73E
US 73E Horton, KS KS Oswego, KS 256 Via Kansas City, KS
US 73W Horton, KS KS Oswego, KS 214 Via Lawrence, KS
US 74 Chadbourne, NC NC Asheville, NC 279  
US 75 Noyes, MN * MN IA NE KS OK TX Galveston, TX 1617  
US 76 Florence, SC SC Greenville, SC 200  
US 77 South Sioux City, NE NE KS OK TX Dallas, TX 735  
US 78 Charleston, SC SC GA AL MS TN Memphis, TN 756 Includes US 78N
US 78N Douglasville, GA GA AL Heflin, AL 55 Via Tallapoosa, GA
US 78S Douglasville, GA GA AL Heflin, AL 51 Via Bowdon, GA
US 80 Savannah, GA GA AL MS LA TX NM AZ CA San Diego, CA 2726  
US 81 Pembina, ND * ND SD NE KS OK TX Laredo, TX * 1769  
US 83 McKenzie, ND ND SD Pierre, SD 181  
US 84 Brunswick, GA GA AL Dothan, AL 281  
US 85 Ambrose, ND * ND SD WY CO NM Las Cruces, NM 1582  
US 87 Babb, MT * MT WY Rawlins, WY 817 Includes US 87E
US 87E Armington, MT MT WY Muddy Gap, WY 538 Via Wyola, MT
US 87W Armington, MT MT Yellowstone NP, MT - 715 North leg
US 87W Yellowstone NP, WY WY Muddy Gap, WY -- South leg; Length included above.
US 89 Spanish Fork, UT UT AZ Nogales, AZ * 917 From typoed as Armington, MT
US 90 Jacksonville, FL FL AL MS LA TX Van Horn, TX 1567  
US 91 Great Falls, MT MT ID UT AZ NV CA Dagget, CA 1388  
US 92 Daytona, FL FL Tampa, FL 161  
US 93 Eureka, MT * MT ID NV Wells, NV 768  
US 94 Miami, FL FL Naples, FL 110  
US 95 Eastport, ID * ID Weiser, ID 483  
US 96 Rosenburg, TX TX Brownsville, TX 371  
US 97 Oroville, WA * WA OR Ashland, OR + 680  
US 99 Blaine, WA * WA OR CA El Centro, CA 1569  
US 101 Olympia, WA WA OR CA San Ysidro, CA * 1896  
US 102 Crystal Falls, MI MI Covington, MI + 36  
US 106 Narrowsburg, NY - NY PA Wyalusing, PA 90  
US 110 Oshkosh, WI WI Fremont, WI 30  
US 111 Lawrenceville, PA - PA MD Baltimore, MD 239  
US 112 Detroit, MI MI IN Elkhart, IN 156  
US 113 Dover, DE DE MD Pocomoke, MD + 91  
US 116 Ucross, WY WY Sheridan, WY 29  
US 117 Virginia Beach, VA VA NC Norlina, NC 159 "To" typoed as Wilmington, NC
US 118 Dodgeville, WI WI Fairplay, WI - 35  
US 119 DuBois, PA PA WV Morgantown, WV 243  
US 120 Philadelphia, PA PA Ridgeway, PA 315 See Note Below
US 121 Fort Chiswell, VA + VA NC Lexington, NC 107  
US 122 Whitehouse, NJ NJ PA DE Wilmington, DE 91  
US 124 Peoria, IL IL Galesburg, IL 58  
US 127 Lansing, MI MI OH Toledo, OH 77  
US 129 Gainesville, GA GA Macon, GA 135  
US 130 Trenton, NJ NJ Camden, NJ 34  
US 131 Acme, MI + MI White Pigeon, MI 238  
US 138 Big Spring, NE NE CO Sterling, CO 73  
US 140 Baltimore, MD MD PA Gettysburg, PA 53  
US 141 Green Bay, WI WI Milwaukee, WI 123  
US 150 New Albany, IN IN Shoals, IN + 66  
US 151 Fond du Lac, WI WI Madison, WI 72  
US 154 Bucklin, KS KS Dodge City, KS 27  
US 161 Dubuque, IA + IA Keokuk, IA + 193  
US 165 McGehee, AR AR LA Iowa, LA 303  
US 166 Baxter Springs, KS + KS South Haven, KS 177  
US 167 Little Rock, AR AR LA Aloha, LA 284  
US 168 Louisville, KY KY Mt. Vernon, KY 137  
US 170 Lynchburg, VA VA NC Charlotte, NC 215  
US 171 Shreveport, LA LA Lake Charles, LA 191  
US 176 Hendersonville, NC NC SC Newberry, SC 116  
US 180 Caballo, NM NM AZ Florence, AZ + 336  
US 181 San Antonio, TX TX Corpus Christi, TX 163  
US 185 Orin, WY WY Cheyenne, WY 126  
US 187 Moran, WY WY Rock Springs, WY 265  
US 190 Slidell, LA LA Baton Rouge, LA 104  
US 191 West Yellowstone, MT - MT ID Idaho Falls, ID 123  
US 192 Melbourne, FL FL Kissimmee, FL 56  
US 195 Sandpoint, ID ID WA ID Lewiston, ID - 173  
US 199 Grants Pass, OR OR CA Crescent City, CA 84  
US 201 Moose River, ME * ME Brunswick, ME 173  
US 209 Milford, PA PA Clarks Ferry, PA 158  
US 210 Carlton, MN MN Motley, MN 127  
US 211 Key Bridge, VA VA New Market, VA 92  
US 212 Willmar, MN MN SD Belle Fourche, SD 474  
US 213 Elkton, MD MD Ocean City, MD 156  
US 217 Wilson, NC NC SC Pee Dee, SC 165  
US 218 Owatoona, MN MN IA Vinton, IA + 186  
US 219 Bedford, PA - PA MD Grantsville, MD + 137  
US 220 South Waverly, PA - PA MD Cumberland, MD 274  
US 222 Reading, PA PA Wakefield, PA - 65  
US 230 Lancaster, PA PA Harrisburg, PA 38  
US 231 Montgomery, AL AL FL Mariana, FL 161  
US 240 Fredrick, MD MD DC Washington, DC - 39  
US 241 Hopkinsville, KY KY TN Nashville, TN 81  
US 266 Warner, OK OK Oklahoma City, OK 130  
US 270 Sparta, TN TN Murfreesboro, TN 65  
US 271 Fort Smith, AR AR OK AR Mena, AR 80  
US 285 Laramie, WY WY CO Denver, CO 133  
US 290 San Antonio, TX TX San Martine, TX + 325  
US 295 Colfax, WA WA Dodge, WA 44  
US 309 Wilkes-Barre, PA PA Philadelphia, PA 110  
US 310 Laurel, MT MT WY Greybull, WY 114  
US 311 Roanoke, VA VA NC Aberdeen, NC 211  
US 320 Shoshoni, WY WY Riverton, WY 26  
US 322 Water Street, PA PA OH Cleveland, OH 226  
US 330 Chicago, IL IL Geneva, IL 37  
US 331 Flomaton, AL AL FL Pensacola, FL 45  
US 340 Frederick, MD MD WV VA Berryvile, VA 31  
US 341 Perry, GA GA Brunswick, GA 178  
US 350 La Junta, CO CO Trindad, CO 84  
US 366 Amarillo, TX TX NM TX El Paso, TX * 437  
US 370 Bowie, TX TX  Claude, TX 260  
US 385 Raton, NM NM TX Comfort, TX 758  
US 395 Laurier, WA * WA Spokane, WA 123  
US 401 South Hill, VA VA Clarksville, VA 31  
US 410 Clarkston, WA - WA Aberdeen, WA 469  
US 411 Bristol, VA VA Cumberland Gap, VA 110  
US 420 Deaver, WY WY Cody, WY 41  
US 422 Ebensburg, PA PA OH Cleveland, OH 203 NOT a split route
US 430 Aurora, IL IL Crystal Lake, IL + 37 May not have been signed south of Geneva, IL
US 441 Ocala, FL FL Orlando, FL 87  
US 450 Walsenburg, CO CO UT Valley City, UT 465  
US 470 Williard, NM NM Albuquerque, NM 73  
US 485 Raton, NM NM Santa Fe, NM 164  
US 501 Burkeville, VA VA NC Durham, NC 128  
US 511 Bristol, TN TN Strawberry Plains, TN 284  
US 522 Selinsgrove, PA PA MD Hancock, MD 135  
US 530 Echo City, UT UT Kimball Jct, UT 25  
US 550 Montrose, CO CO Durango, CO 118  
US 566 Hondo, NM NM San Antonio, NM 118  
US 601 Cheraw, SC SC Florence, SC 39  
US 650 Salida, CO CO Buena Vista, CO 27  
US 666 Cortez, CO CO NM Gallup, NM 141  
US 730 Wallula, WA WA OR Umatilla, OR 26  
US 830 Maryhill, WA WA Johnson's Landing, WA 209  

US 120 Note: The eastern end of US 120 was truncated at Reading, PA in 1927 and replaced by an eastern leg of US 422. This may have been part of a plan to restore the 1925 plan US 22 Philadelphia - Cleveland connection. No one left alive recalls what was going through PennDOT's mind. There is some information on this at The western end of US 120 may have been extended to and retracted from Erie, PA over US 6 in the late 1920's, depending on which maps you believe.

Unifed System of Highways: One persistent rumor about the United States Numbered Highway System is that U.S. stands for Unified System. This is not true. US stands for United States, and was nearly U.S.A. - see this page for more details.

American Highways, April, 1927 Vol. VI No. 2. (AASHO) c/o Donna Tamburelli, AASHTO (PDF available to my Yahoo Group)
United States Numbered Highways, Rec'd by U.S.D.A. B.P.R. May 26, 1927 (from BPR files) c/o Richard Weingroff, FHWA (PDF available to my Yahoo Group)
Official Paved Road Survey and Commercial Atlas, National Map Company, 1927
United States Road Atlases Rand McNally, 1926, 1927 and 1928

Route numbers absent from the numbering scheme as adopted November 11, 1926:
US 46 (US 40S in CO), US 62 (US 60 in KY+MO), US 109 (US 9E in NY), US 160 (US 166), US 250 (US 50S in KS), US 260 (US 266), US 280 (US 89 in AZ), US 301 (US 17 in VA), US 360 (US 366), US 380 (US 89 in AZ), US 460 {aka US 466} (US 85 in NM), US 560 (US 666), US 630 (UT)

By 1928: US 6 was one route, US 6N was in NY on the old route of US 6 (now US 209), US 19 was one route, US 164 was in OK and TX, US 227 was in KY, US 422 (East leg) and US 611 were in PA, and US 630 was in ID and OR. US 622 and US 711 had came and went in PA, and US 313 may have been used .

The 1932 US Numbered Highway list, based on a AAA US map. Not even six years and major changes already (Text format).

1925 B.P.R. highway plan USDA Bureau of Public Roads 1925 Plan : The original plan, without any split or hyphenated routes. Based on the October 30, 1925 report approved by the US Secretary of Agriculture on November 18, 1925.

US Highways U.S. Highways: From US 1 to (US 830) - Back to the index.

1956 US highways US Numbered Highways of 1956: This table shows the US highway system at its zenith, just before the creation of the Interstate system. Jump ahead in time 29 years and about 20 miles per hour faster than the above list (Based heavily on a AAA USA map).

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