Florida Short Route

No major connectors, loops, or spurs


Florida: Georgia State Line north of Cherry Lake to Gainesville
International: Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada to Gainesville, Florida


FL 53 from Georgia State Line north of Cherry Lake to Madison, US 90 from Madison to Lake City, US 441 from Lake City to Gainesville

Other Facts:

  1. Signed along with Lone Star Trail from Georgia state line to Lake City, Old Spanish Trail from Madison to Lake City, Central Florida Highway from Lake City to Gainesville, Tamiami Trail from Lake City to High Springs, Dixie Highway and St. Augustine Rd from High Springs to Gainesville
  2. I don't know of any Florida Short Route signage in Florida.
  3. This trail may have extended to Tampa, Fort Myers, and Miami according to a "Custer Battlefield Highway Ass'n" map that proposed a series of National Highways in 1925.

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