St. Augustine Road

No major connectors, loops, or spurs


St. Augustine to Tallahassee


FL 207 from St. Augustine to Palatka, FL 20 from Palatka to Gainesville, US 441 from Gainesville to High Springs, US 27 from High Springs to Perry, US 221 from Perry to Shady Grove, CR 14 from Shady Grove to Eridu, US 27 from Eridu to Tallahassee

Other Facts:

Co-signed with Dixie Highway (east), Atlantic Highway, and S. Atlantic Coastal Highway from St. Augustine to Hastings; Lee - Jackson Highway and S. Atlantic Coastal Highway from East Palatka to Palatka; Dixie Highway (west) from Gainesville to Tallahassee; Florida Short Route and Central Florida Highway from Gainesville to High Springs; Mississippi River Scenic Highway from Perry to Tallahassee

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