Bypass I-275
Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL

I-275 used to have a bypass leading from St. Petersburg to Tampa. It was signed with N and S interstate style signs. It was meant to divert traffci at times when the old, narrow Howard Frankland Bridge was not moving traffic. In modern times, the old narrow four lane "Frankenstien" is now striped for three lanes and only carries eastbound traffic. The N and S signage was removed in 1993 and 1994. The path of the "N" bypass route was up Florida 694 in St. Petersburg, across the bay on Gandy Blvd (US 92), northeasterly along the Crosstown Expressway to the Willow St Exit, north on Willow St, west on Cleveland Ave, then north on Howard Ave back to I-275 in Tampa. The path of the "S" bypass route was south on Armenia Ave, then east on Platt Street, north on Willow St, southwesterly along the Crosstown Expressway to Gandy Blvd (US 92 and Florida 694) back to I-275.

The sign on the right would change and the lights on top would flash if the Howard Frankland Bridge was snarled. (St. Pete)

The Tampa end version, at the Howard / Armenia exit off I-275. (Tampa)

You can see where the S sign was, an forlorn white arrow panel remains pointing the way of the bypass. (Tampa)

Most of the bypass signs, like this S, were on overhead wires. (St. Pete)

The North bypass at the US 92 / Crosstown junction (Tampa) (facing east)

Same interchange (Tampa)

Just south of the Derby Lane dog track (St. Pete)

The N signs weathered well. (St. Pete)

The S signs, being red, did not fare as well. (St. Pete)

In some cases, not well at all. This is probably an S. (Tampa, along Gandy)

Along the Crosstown, the industrial area on the right is now condos. (Tampa)

Keep right as you exit to make sure you head along the Bypass. (Tampa)

On the other end of the Crosstown, this N sign was worse for wear. (Tampa)

It's not easy to make out, but on the right is the "End" sign for the North Bypass (Tampa)

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Photographs courtesy FDOT inventory archives, recorded 1993-1994.

Thanks go out to to Jim Ellwanger for help with routing questions on the Tampa end.

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