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Prior to 1911, Standard Oil's operations outside of the USA were controlled by Standard Oil Company of New York or Vacuum Oil Company. Actual ownership of Socony's overseas interests rested with Standard Oil of New Jersey for accounting purposes. After the breakup, Vacuum Oil kept its overseas companies. Standard Oil of New Jersey found itself having to manage Socony's former properties. Jersey Standard rose to the challenge and is still the primary user of the Standard name outside of the USA. SOEsso is still considered to mean Standard Oil and is in common use thoughout the world. Indiana Standard (Amoco, American, Stanolind, Pan-Am), Standard Oil of New York (Socony,Vacuum, Mobil); California Standard (Chevron, Calso, Socal, Caltex); and Ohio Standard (Sohio) all have had operations outside of the US since then, but the resulting organizations used names other than Standard.

Company Years Operations Details
ExxonMobil Africa (was Esso Africa) 1965-now administration Umbrella company created as part of 1965 reorganization. Successor to Esso Mediterranean and Stanvac's Africa operations.
Esso Standard Algeria S.A. 1946-1962 marketing Nationalized
Esso Standard Oil (Antilles) S.A. 1953-1985 refining First organized as Lago Oil in 1924; Refinery built by Indiana Standard in 1929; Served Guianas and Lesser Antilles; now part of Esso Caribbean.
California-Arabia Standard Oil Company (CASOC) 1933-1936 production First operated in Saudi Arabia, Texaco purchased 50% interest in 1936; Became Caltex.
Esso Petrolera Argentina S.R.I.
(was Standard Oil Company, S.A, Argentina)
1922-now exploration, production, refining, marketing Incorporated Esso, Productora de Petroleo, S.A. & Esso, Refinadora de Petroleo S.A.
Esso Austria GmbH
(was Esso Standard (Austria) A.G.)
1946-now marketing First Austrian company existed 1921-1928 before being sold to Socony; Standard Oil returned to Austria after the renaming of "Oil Trading Company" in 1936. In 1938 DAPG assumed control of Austrian operations. In 1946, Standard returned to limited operations in the non-Soviet sectors of Austria, operating three service stations and war-surplus tankers. In 1949 Esso service stations returned; In 1955 the occupation troops left and Esso expanded to the formerly Soviet sector.
Esso Australia is now part of ExxonMobil Australia
(was Esso Standard Oil Australia Pty Ltd.)
1962-now explorartion, production, marketing was part of Stanvac (1933-1962)
Standard Oil Company (Bahama) 1946-1959 exploration  
ExxonMobil Benelux
(was Esso Benelux)
1891-now marketing, refining First organized as American Petroleum Company in 1891; In 1920 The Netherlands left APC; in 1929 the Esso brand was introduced to Benelux; in 1937 the company became Standard American Petroleum Company. S.A.; in 1950, Esso Standard (Belgium); Controls Esso Belguim, Esso Luxembourg; merged with Esso Nederlands 1985 & renamed Esso Benelux; 1999 renamed ExxonMobil Benelux
Esso Bermuda Ltd. 19xx-now marketing Coral Petroleum, Ltd.
Standard Oil of Bolivia 1921-1942 production Nationalized by Bolivia in 1937, Company dissolved in 1942
Esso Brasileira de Petroleo S.A. (Esso Brazil)
(was Standard Oil of Brazil)
1912-now production, marketing First organized as Empreza Industrial de Petroleo in Kentucky, USA in 1896
Chevron Canada Ltd. (was Standard Oil of British Columbia) 1935-now marketing, production, refining S.O. of California (Chevron) owned since 1911 breakup; Has extended marketing to Alberta
Standard Oil (Canal Zone) Company 194x-1979 marketing  
Esso Standard Oil (Caribbean) S.A. (EssoSA) 1959-1966 marketing Incorporated in the Bahamas; Served Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Greater Antillies
Esso Standard Oil (Central America) S.A. 194x-1966 marketing, transportation Operated out of Panama
Esso Chad 2000-now exploration, production Now part of ExxonMobil Africa
Esso Chile (was Esso Standard Oil Company (Chile) S.A.C.) 1934-now marketing Founded as West Indian Oil Company, Chile, S.A.
Esso China Ltd. 199x-now marketing  
Esso Columbiana, Ltd. (Esso Columbia) 1951-now production, marketing First founded as Tropical Oil Company in 1916
(Esso) Standard Oil of Cuba 1926-1960 marketing, refining Nationalized
Esso spol.s.r.o. (Esso Czech Republic) 199x-now marketing  
Esso Denmark (Dansk Esso Aktieselskab) 1952-1985 refining, marketing 1962: purchased Dansk Veedol; Sold to Statoil in 1985
Esso Standard Eastern. Inc. 1959-xxxx administration, marketing Stanvac's successor, minus Socony-Mobil assets; Had assets in Asia and Africa
Esso Ecuador 19xx-now marketing  
Esso Europe 1966-now administration  
Esso Egypt 1902-now marketing  
Esso Finland (was O/Y Nobel - Standard A/B) 1920-now marketing Started as Finska Aktiebolaget Nobel-Standard.
Esso France
(was Standard Francaise des Petrolas S.A.)
1920-now marketing, refining Started as Compagnie Standard Franco-Americaine
Standard Oil Company of Galicia, Ltd 1890's none Briefly existed in France with no connection to the SO Trust except wishful thinking.
Esso Deutschland GmbH (Esso Germany)
(was Esso Aktiengesellschaft)
1890-now marketing, refining, production Founded as Deutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum-Gesellschaft or DAPG. Jersey Standard attempted to sell its shares in DAPG in 1917, but had to repurchase them starting in 1921; Renamed in the 1930's with Jersey's reimaging to Esso. Not under Esso control 1938-1945; Reborn as Esso AG after the war.
Esso Standard (Hellas) Commercial & Industrial Company, A.E. (Esso Greece) 1965-1984 marketing, refining Commonly called Esso Pappas for the businessman who led the concern; Bought by Eko
Esso Standard Oil S.A. Ltd (Esso Guatemala) 19xx-now marketing  
Esso Iberia 1966-now administration  
Esso Inter-America 1966-now administration Controls South America; Central America and the Caribbean
Esso Ireland Ltd.
(was Irish-American Oil Company)
1922-now marketing Broke away from Anglo-American Oil Co. after Irish independence, became Esso IAOC in 1935, name changed to modern usage 1985
Esso Hungaria Kft. (Esso Hungary) 199x-now marketing  
Esso Italy
(was Esso Standard Italiana S.p.A.)
1927-now marketing Was Societa Petrolifera Italiana per Azioni till 1950; then Standard Italo Americana Petroli briefly then changed to an Esso Standard in 1950.
Esso Iran 1954-1979 production  
Esso Japan (was Esso Standard Sekiyu K.K.) 1964-now marketing Was half of Stanvac Japan
Esso Kenya 1962-199x   Sold to Mobil Oil
Esso Korea 1962-now marketing Was part of Stanvac
Esso Standard Libya 1956-1970 production Sold to Libyan government
Standard Oil Company (Malta) @1947 marketing  
Esso Mauritius, Ltd 1962-now marketing  
Esso Mediterraean 1959-1965 administration, marketing  
Esso Middle East
(was Esso Standard (Near East))
1948-now administration Used to include Esso Egypt
Esso Motor Hotels (a.k.a. Esso Motor Lodge) 1963-1972 lodging Attempt by Esso Europe to diversify. Operated in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Tunisia, UK and Italy
Esso Nederlands
(was Standard Amerikannsche Petroleum Compagne N.V.)
1920-1985 marketing, refining Esso bought a majority stake and changed name to Standard American Petroleum Company, N.V. in 1938; merged into Esso Benelux in 1985
Esso Norge S.A. (Esso Norway)
A/S Norsk Esso
1919-now marketing, production, refining Founded as Vestlanske Petroleumscompangni A/S in 1890; Standard Oil (NJ) relations forged 1919; Introduced Tiger gas brand 1920's; Norsk Esso name adopted 1940's; added production in 1960's and 1970's
Esso Standard Okinawa, Ltd 1969-???? refining  
Esso Paraguay 19xx-now marketing Original Esso Paraguay existesd 1932-1935
Standard Oil Company of Peru 1926-1968 production, marketing Nationalized
Esso Poland (Esso Polen) 1991-now marketing Controlled by Esso Deutchland
Standard-Nobel w Polsce (Standard-Nobel Co. in Poland) 1925-1937 marketing, refining, exploration First organized as Nobel Brothers Oil Ind. Co. in Poland (Polonobel) in 1919; merged with Olej Skalny in 1925; Sold to Socony-Vacuum 1937
Esso Portugal 1955-1963 limited marketing Unable to come to terms with government; dissolved
Esso Standard Oil Company (Puerto Rico) 19xx-now marketing Was part of West Indies Oil Company; Also served Virgin Islands
Esso Singapore is now ExxonMobil Singapore 1962-now marketing first under Vacuum Oil in 1893; merged into Stanvac 1933; dormant division of Stanvac - 1942-1945; refining added in the 1960's
Esso Sirte 1959-1970 production Operated in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica (Libya)
Esso Slovakia (Esso Slowakei) 19xx-now marketing  
Esso Standard Espanola (Esso Spain) 1965-1975 marketing, refining  
Esso Suriname 19xx-now marketing  
Esso Sweden
194x-1985 marketing Was Svenska Petroleum A/B Standard
Esso Schweiz GmbH (Esso Switzerland) 1894-now marketing First formed as a joint venture of DAPG and SAIP (Esso's German and Italian affiliates); in 1920 Jersey Standard took control; renamed Esso Standard (Switzerland) in 1949; renamed to Esso (Switzerland) in 1973; made a limited company (GmbH) in 2000; Standard Petroleum Company (Glarus)
Esso Tanzania 1981-1993 production, marketing Sold to Gapco 1993
Esso Thailand 19xx-now marketing, production, refining  
Standard Oil Company of Trinidad 1928-19xx production  
Esso Standard Tunisie S.A. 19xx-xxxx marketing  
Esso Turkey 19xx-now marketing  
Esso Uganda 19xx-1995 marketing Sold to Gapco 1995
ExxonMobil UK
(Esso UK)
1885-now marketing, production, refining Orignated as Vacuum Oil operations in Liverpool, became Anglo-American Oil Company in 1888; separated from Standard Oil in 1911; merged with Jersey Standard in 1931; introduced Esso brand 1934; became Esso Petroleum Company in 1951; changed to modern usage 1999
Esso Standard Oil Company (Uruguay), S.A. 1934-19xx marketing Founded as West Indian Oil Company, Uruguay, S.A.
Standard Oil Company of Venezuela 1921-1943 production Sold to Creole Petroleum Corporation (another Standard affiliate)
Standard Oil Of Yugoslavia
(S.H.S. Amerikansko Petroleumsko, D.D.)
1921-1927 marketing Sold to Socony in 1927
Standard Oil & Refining Company, Ltd. 1920-???? holding English patent holding company. Dormant from 1925 on.
Standard-Vacuum Oil Company (Stanvac) 1933-1962 marketing, transportation, production, refining Joint venture between Jersey Standard (Esso) and Socony-Vacuum (Mobil) - Began in Australia as a joint venture between Atlantic Refining and Union Oil in 1927, operated in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Far East
Port Stanvac remains to this day near Adelaide, South Australia

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