Temporary Interstates

"Sadly, the effect is temporary." - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Muppet Show

During the construction of the Interstate System, a need arose to join completed sections of Interstate highway. Many states simply chose to use existing US highways and the "TO" banner as needed. For other states, that was not enough. 1963 brought a new type of route to America's Highways - The Temporary Interstate. In Michigan, I-75 was on a completely new alignment between two already completed sections, existing traffic to the west of Houghton Lake, the new construction on the east. In California, US routes were about to be truncated, leaving little continuity between routes that were slated to become Interstates in the future. North Carolina had a portion of I-85 that was not slated to be completed for the forseeable future southwest of Greensboro.

This sort of route appears to have been functionally replaced by the "FUTURE" banner for long term routings. I do not know of any TEMPORARY interstate in use.

Only routes bannered "Temp" on the maps I have access to or have been reported by readers like you were listed below.
Route termini listed from South to North and West to East, Interstate style.

Temporary From To Replaced by Notes
I-5 Stockton, CA Sacramento, CA CA-99 Exist 1973-1980
I-5 Davis, CA Woodland, CA CA-113 Exist 1969-1982
I-5 Williams, CA Willows, CA I-5 Exist 1968-1971
I-5 Grenada, CA Hilts, CA I-5 Exist 1968-1974
I-10 Phoenix, AZ Tonopah, AZ Buckeye Rd, AZ-85, Old US 80, Salome Hwy, 411th Av Exist 1975-1976
I-15 San Diego, CA Miramar, CA I-15 Exist 1973-1985
I-15 Escondido, CA Pala, CA I-15 Exist 1973-1986
I-15E Murrieta, CA Riverside, CA I-215 Exist 1976-1983
I-15 Riverside, CA Devore, CA I-15E, I-215 Exist 1975
I-15 Sedco Hills, CA Lake Elsinore, CA I-15 Exist 1981-1982
I-15 Corona, CA Mira Loma, CA I-15 CA-31 Hamner Ave Exist 1981-1990
I-15 Tremonton, UT Plymouth, UT I-15 Exist 197x-198x
I-40 Luther, NC Old Fort, NC US 70 Exist 1964-1973
I-69 Charlotte, MI Morrice, MI US 27 I-96 US 127 I-496 BL-69 Exist 1975-1992
I-70 Wentzville, MO St. Charles, MO Byp US 40 Exist 1961-1965
I-75 Detroit, MI Detroit, MI Lafayette Blvd Exist 1971-1973
I-75 Bay City, MI Grayling, MI US 10 US 27 Exist 1962-1974
State map shows "TO"
I-77 Pine Ridge, SC Dentsville, SC I-26 I-20 SC-277 Exist 1986-1996
I-80N Snowville, UT Declo, ID UT-30 UT-42 ID-81 Exist 196x-1980
I-85 Lexington, NC Greensboro, NC US 29 / US 70 / BR-85 Exist 1962-1983
I-85 China Grove, NC Charlotte, NC US 29 / US 70 / BR-85 Exist 1963-1974
I-90 Seattle, WA Bellevue, WA I-90 Exist 1973-1978
I-94 E. Gary, IN New Buffalo, MI I-80/90 IN-39 MI-239 Exist 1966; "TO"
I-95 Washington, DC Baltimore, MD DC-295 MD-295 Exist 1967-1973
I-105 Willamette River, OR Eugene, OR Washingon / Jefferson St, Willamette St Exist 1968-1973
I-196 Holland, MI Grandview, MI BL-196 US 31 Exist 1962-1973
I-505 Vacaville, CA Dunnigan, CA I-505 Exist 1964-1979
I-280 San Jose, CA Santa Clara, CA CA-17 I-880 Exist 1970-1975
I-680 San Jose, CA Fremont, CA CA-262 CA-17 I-880 Exist 1970-1975

Know of a Temporary Interstate Route I missed? Questions? Comments? Corrections? E-Mail me.

Additonal route information: Mark Furqueron, John David Galt, Jeff Kitsko, Mike Moyer, Scott Nuzum, Oscar Voss, Mike Wiley, Eric W. Vander Yacht.

U.S. Highways: From US 1 to (US 830)

Temporary Interstate Sign Pictures:

California - Mark Furqueron

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