Toll U.S. Routes

Toll US routes are alternate routings of US routes, usually limited or controlled access, that drivers have to pay to use. These were briefly popular in the mid 1960's in the Chicago area. The longest lasting such route was in Georgia. AASHTO's policy states that any TOLL US highway must have a free US route marked with the same termini as the toll road. The FHWA's MUTCD has nothing to say on TOLL banners. Current practice is to use ALT or BUS routes while leaving the TOLL unsigned on the mainline. No US highways that I know of are currently bannered TOLL. I do not know of any standard suffix for TOLL roads, perhaps "M" (money) or "D" (dollar)? L is used for state LOOP routes in the Southwest, O is unsuitably close to 0, and T has been used for Temporary in the past. Maybe "$" :) ?

All routes listed from north to south and / or east to west.

Symbology: (*) International boundary, (-) State line, (+) Road junction

From To Miles Replaced by Notes
(Bus US 12) (Hammond, IN -) (Chicago, IL) (4) Chicago Skyway, I-90 Co-signed with TOLL Bus US 20; Exist 1963-1967
(Bus US 20) (Hammond, IN -) (Chicago, IL) (4) Chicago Skyway, I-90 Co-signed with TOLL Bus US 12; Exist 1963-1967
(US 30) (Glenwood, IL) (Aurora, IL) (62) IL-394, I-294, I-88 Exist 1963-1966
(US 41) (Russell, IL) (Hammond, IN) (79) US-6, I-294, I-94 Exist 1963-1966
US 51 Roscoe, IL + Cherry Valley, IL + 14   Since 199x;also Mainline US 51; not signed as Toll;
IL-251 "Free" Alternate?
(US 80) (White Marsh Island, GA) (Savannah, GA) (6) President St, Bay St Exist 1968-1994
(US 98) (Navarre, FL) (Pensacola, FL) (25) US-98 Exist 1939-1946; Uncertain signage; Bridge tolled
US 278 Pinckney Island, SC Hilton Head Island, SC 6   Since 1998; not signed as TOLL;
Bus US 278 "Free" Alternate?
US 412 W. Siloam Springs, OK + Choteau, OK + 41   Since 1998; not signed as TOLL
US 412 Sand Springs, OK + Ceres, OK + 69   Since 1998; not signed TOLL; also Mainline US 412;
US 64 "Free" Alternate?

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