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Welcome to the official off ramp from Newest links are added at the bottom of the list. I endorse all the linked sites as being worth your time, even if not all of them are highway related. Some of these sites simply caught my interest. If you find one of these links not functioning, or you add a link to my site, or if you know of a link that should be included here, please let me know. Remember, many search engines rank you in part by the sites that link to you. I want to encourage that by returning as many worthwhile links as possible.
Gas Signs: John Cirillo’s collection of oil company signs, logos, and pictures of stations, past and present – I contribute heavily to his collection.
usstates Wulf Berg’s “US 50: Coast to Coast: A journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific”
Syd Nagoshi’s Roadside Peek: Photographs of Classic American Commercial Architecture.
Greg Laxton’s US 66 Postcards, Links and the International ‘Route 66′ E-mail list – Gary Muyskens’ links to the official skinny about and along US 101.
Rush World – The Sunshine Skyway collapse
Sprocket Labs – Marty Lyons’ Homepage – lotsa links
KVBC- TV Channel 3 (Las Vegas, NV) – Tom Hawley’s Traffic Geek Page my first TV station link. Go Geek!
US 6 on the web – – aka Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Highway, aka Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Highway
Raimi Gryphon’s Art (“Raimi”‘s smart, attractive, artistic and I know them, beyond that, I’m not supposed to say.)
NOAA Photographic Archive – Antarctica US 1 – US highways in the snow
The Manual of Traffic Signs (The web’s MUTCD) by R.C. Moeur, P.E. – Everything there is to know about offical US highway signs
Lost America Night Photography by Troy Paiva – Just like the book, only online
Tygger’s Print Page – a sweet and talented lady who does fantasy, anthro, and other pinup art as well as graphic novels, some mature content
Cartoonists and Artists Across America & The World – Literacy Pays Collecting highway information around the world to aid in planning road trips
Chris “Calvin” Sampang’s Freeways of San Francisco
Old US 27 in Michigan – pictures of what was, and what will be what was, in glorious black and white.
Roy’s Cafe, Route 66, Amboy, California – the crustiest, dustiest stop on old US 66, pride of Amboy, CA and star ofHighway and Travel Information television commercials.
Kensan Oni – gaming, art, writing – another of my artistic friends
Roadtrippin’ USA: Roadside Attractions, Road Trips, and Road Head stuff can be found here
Stuck on Stuckey’s – This chain of stores used to be at practically every exit off the interstate. It offered gas (usually Texaco), freshly cooked ‘food’, novelties like ‘the state magnet collection’, and (In)Famous Pecan Logs. Bob Cara’s site focuses on its glory years, with a link to the modern company and a list of locations, past – like a certain dance club in Micanopy, FL off I-75 and present – like the classic style location in Yeehaw Junction, FL
The Sign Assembly – A collection of road sign photographs, focused on the oddities Jordon Kalilich has seen in his travels
Sydart Sydney’s Art – Sydney does wondeful anime and furry art, and she is so sweet your teeth will hurt just talking to her. (some mature content)
Long Island Motor Parkway – Sam Berliner’s webpage about one of the earliest highways.
In Praise of the American Road – Martin Albright’s Road Page
Mark Furqueron’s Highway Page – I scanned a few California maps for his site, and he has pictures from all over the world
Jenn Dolari’s COR Jenn Dolari’s Click-O-Rama – links to anime, comics, games, roads, and whatever else suits her fancy (some mature content)
Postmark ArtKen ‘The Landrunner’ Turmel’s Postmark Art page – Road tripping, history and art converge in and between the post offices in the states along Route 66.
Happy the Land Rover – Jennifer Palmer’s site is about history you can really dig into, coupled with a fascination for Land Rovers. A great resource for Archelogists and those involved in Cultural Resource Management
RV-InfoRV-Info – leave the Interstates behind and bring your (motor)home (a.k.a. Recreational Vehicle) with you. Brought to you by the same folks from Two-Lane Roads Magazine, who do a lot of travel themselves so they know what they are talking about!
Yuma Zoom – “Be the Future” – A novel by Jamie Pasley about a trip and the road along it.
Pennsylvania Elks – The B.P.O.E. kind. Rather an eclectic link collection.
Bygone Byways – Jeff Jensen discovers & shares the lost highways of the American West – US 66, US 99 & US 101
American Highway Project – A site dedicated to discovering, procuring, documenting and preserving through photographic media the architecture and cultural landscapes situated along the highways of the U.S.
plate shackPlate Shack – Identification and Art Form, this collection of over 5,400 pieces of stamped metal concentrates on the USA and Canada.
A. MacArthur Barr Middle School of Nanuet, NY included this site (Standard Oil) as a reference in their 8th grade curriculum “The Rise of Industry and Unions”
Jack Mount – retired librarian for the University of Arizona linked to this site among many other useful ones.

XavierMy Standard Oil site is the “gas” link on Saint Xavier University’s web tour
Rensselaer Model Railroad Society – Home of the New England, Berkshine & Western RR – They linked here for Standard Oil, I linked back for the wealth of historical information on railroads and the bit on gas stations
Frank’s Humble Abode – Lots of great links on this homepage – Food, Golf, TV towers, Science Fiction…
Autobahn The Autobahn – Brian K. Purcell (a.k.a. “The Texas Highwayman”) has spent enough time in Germany to give English speakers a good primer on one of the world’s greatest highway networks.
The Illinois State Library lists this site as a road and map resource is another “umbrella” website, concentrating on highway history, road photographs and hockey. Who is this Dave Gribble, anyway?
WikipediaWikipedia, a completely free online encyclopedia, has this web site referenced under US highways and Standard Oil, so far.
snow_rabbit Hitchhikers May Be Escaped Inmates – A journey into the dark and humorous world of road signs by ‘eccentric flower’
hentaikid – A budding artist / animator (mature content)
AutomobilierAuto-Mobilier A French site with an extensive set of links. Un emplacement Fran�ais avec un ensemble �tendu de liens.
AWSHIDT – American Wandering Sequential Hiway ID Tour
[Geography World] Geography World – lots of geographical information by Brad Bowerman
Gold Wings Touring Association – Freedom, Fun, Friendship, Motorcycling
Ron Gingerich added this site to his gasoline links, probably for the Standard Oil info.
IMZ-Ural owner Becky Blosser commented favorably on this site. Russian motorcycles!
Vin’s Music Diary is a trivial selection of rambling thoughts and various music related encounters – plus links. Written on a cold and wet weekend. Updates may be added intermittently. By Go Group (filmmakers – documentarians)
From Harvard to Enron – I think this is related to the Standard Oil information and international politics
foothills Twenty Days on Route 20 – A haibun along one of America’s longest highways (FootHills Publishing)
Arduous Road The Arduous Road: Salt Lake to Los Angeles (Arrowhead / Mormon Trail -> US 91 -> I-15) by Leo Lyman and Larry Reese
Necessary NumbersNecessary Numbers by Mary Blocksma: * Now at and Most Major Bookstores * – check out page 58. “Finally you can figure out what those crazy pixels mean when you consider a digital camera, how to read an AQI (Air Quality Index), read up on the new wind chill index, font sizes, shoe sizes, bar codes, octane numbers, and much, much more.”
101 Cafe – Oceanside, California’s Oldest Restaraunt – on Historic US 101
This site was Internet Site of the Day on June 2, 2002 at the Canton, MI Public Library

here ExitHere has a lot of links about Route 66 and other cool places away from the Interstate
Luke McNeeley’s homepage
ZLB I’m pretty sure this is the Central Library in Berlin.
C.J. Ostrowski has some beautiful pictures of Raczki, Poland.
My posting of the ‘Discover America – Best By Car’ logo was discovered by the folks running Rugrats Episode Guide.
Nutmeg Roads Connecticut exit lists and photos
Trafic-Itineraires- It’s in French, I’m there as Etats Unis.
ISPThe University of Wisconsin’s Internet Scout Project referenced this site for traffic.
Caslon Analytics is an Australian reasearch and consulting firm.
cart66 The California Route 66 Preservation Foundation is working to save the Mother Road.
Ryan Grabow has an inventive site with many links to Radio and TV too.
7-wonders U.S. Highways was listed under ‘Seven Wonders’ on January 2, 1999.

Inn The Desert Inn Restaraunt of Yeehaw Junction, Florida – Drop in and see a historic landmark.
The Oklahoma Route 66 Association is a free online men’s magazine that has used this site as a Travel resource
MOCK TURTLE PRESS – Publishers of fine travel books and the magazine “American Road”. They spend their days driving the old byways and auto trails that made this country great. And they’d like to take you along!

Crossings Mike’s Railroad Crossing Website – Photos from where the road meets the rails.
Flummel Flummel She’s a weBlogger with a keen eye for cool sites. USH:1-830 got the cool link of the day on May 1, 2003.
KTSKavanagh Transit A transit photo site, mostly covering trains but some pictures of planes and automobiles, too.
Pegasus Pegasus – Zeitschrift f�r Transportgeschichte / Magazine for transportation history – web site is in German. It is a propoent of the rapidly expanding field of mobility history, mostly focused on Europe. – Linked to me for the Standard Oil information. They have a distinct view on things – “a collaborative project to produce a directory of public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests.”
The Literary Volunteers of Greater New Haven have been spotted looking at this site.
rohac Rohacek – website of an artist creating fine art images of free and open American roads.
q-exponential, Weibull, and q-Weibull distributions – The current leader in the most unusual use of this site, Author Dr. Picoli, Jr. Brazil.
Old – Robert Lucas’s website with classic car clip art and Arizona information.

NY Forgotten NY – Kevin Walsh presents the lost, hidden, and just plain obscure parts of America’s Biggest City.
fred’s – Fred Tankersly has been a big booster of US highways, his web page is about his home on the road.
Willys TOM STRADT’S CAR PAGE – Kaiser-Frazer, Studebaker and Willys Spoken Here.
West Islip Public Library – I’d rather be on November 11th.
Explore the Mysterious Lights of Marfa, TX.
Visit beautiful Cook, Minnesota on the north end of US 53. (Site by Don Simonson) – a scenic rest stop along the information superhighway.�
Sierra Nevada Airstreams – What’s silver, shiny, sleek, and goes all over? Your Airstream.
Boo Boo the Pot Belly Dog – I think this link is accidental.
safe places – flash gizmos to play with and cool music if you can unlock it. Insert yourself Here, and relax.
Jeff Robertson’s Homepage – Frontman of Flvxxvm Florvm and Blogger
International Signs Online
Bring Back Route 66 Fred M. Cain’s site, dedicated to the re-commissioning of America’s Most Famous Highway, U.S. 66.
Mayflower Branching Out from the Mayflower – Deborah Hubbards’s website – tracing the history of some of America’s very first families
Mysteries-Megasite – Favorite and Cool Places – A great set of links by Bruce Johnston, US Highways is on the Cool Side
Alps’ Roads – Steve Alpert’s Roads site – Photography and highway diagrams
Drive The OST – The Old Spanish Trail, southwestern style
The Route 66 Association of Missouri – from St. Louis to Joplin, the heartland of America and the true number for I-44.
A collection of back road trip reports. Denny Gibson’s collection of back road trip reports.
Bad Day Bad Day Studios lists this site on the 2000+ links – reference shelf.
Auto Hobbies – Jim & Nancy Schaut’s photos, toys, and other Automobilia
Zen Blogging by plep – August 13, 2002 I think.
Viagens and Imagens – We’ve been linked to from Brazil! Reg and Doug have logged and photed many travels, in country and abroad. (some English text available)
Starfighter’s blog – I seem to be a target for the blogs, and here’s the obligatory link back so you can see what F-104’s like.
This web site featured in print by : The Honolulu Advertiser, The (Attelboro) Sun Chronicle, The Orlando Sentinel, The Waco Tribune-Herald, The Palm Beach Post, The Internet Atlas of Web Sites by WebBound , Maxim Magazine (May 2003, p 58) (some mature content), The Chattanoogan

This web site featured as an online resource by : The Fort Myers News-Press, The Tampa Tribune, The Missoulian, The Detroit Free Press , The St. Petersburg Times, and Austrian TV – ORF

On Television :
The History Channel actually put me on TV. I did not exactly sparkle. Since m3e on TV’s not likely to happen ever again, please buy the results HERE – The program was “Overseas Highway”, about the southern end of US 1. It originally aired September 3rd, 2003, 10 pm Eastern.
Bay News 9’s Anchor Al Ruechel found this website and did one of his “Extra On The Web” stories about my site for Tampa Bay’s 24 hour cable TV news channel. I was at work and missed seeing the actual broadcast, despite the bit airing 12 times. However, they did post the story in text and in video form (Real One and Win Media formats) so you can see it no matter where you live, too. Program aired October 21, 2003.