Adding Bluetooth to your car’s stereo

The automotive industry tends to somewhat lag behind compared to consumer electronics. Most people tend to replace their cars often. Unfortunately, you will be surprised to find that you have a smartphone with some Bluetooth feature and your car just doesn’t. Well, most new models have the Bluetooth connectivity feature. It is however easy to add some level of Bluetooth functionality to a car without this feature. How can one add some Bluetooth feature in their vehicle? Read on for more insights.

How you can get Bluetooth to a car

Get a Bluetooth car stereo

car speaker

If to enjoy the perks that come with listening to music played on your handset, you should consider buying a Bluetooth car stereo. To have this unit installed in your car, you should be willing to replace your existing radio with this. As much as a Bluetooth car stereo can offer you maximum Bluetooth functionality, you should be ready to pay much more than you would have paid for other options like car kits.

Universal Bluetooth car kit

This certainly the least expensive option to use when you want to add a Bluetooth feature to your vehicle. Different kits offer different features and perks. As such, it is up to you to choose the best bluetooth car kit based on your preferences. Even better, universal car kits can be used in different car models as they show superior compatibility features with most platforms.

Vehicle specific adapter kit

carBuying a vehicle-specific adapter kit can be an excellent way to make your stereo Bluetooth compatible. The good thing about this method is that it allows you to keep your factory radio. Not just that, it also offers superior integration and more features compared to universal kits. The only prerequisite before installing the specific adapter is that your “head unit” should be Bluetooth ready.

Ideally, getting Bluetooth in a car is influenced by different variables. This largely depends on the stereo unit you have on your car and of course how much you are willing to spend. If you a Bluetooth ready stereo, the best option should be stereo-specific adapter kits. If you have a decent budget to spend, you can always replace your existing unit with a brand new Bluetooth enable unit. Universal car kits are the best for general applications and are also the cheapest.