Five Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

There’s nothing much to say about windshields except the fact that it protects the vehicle’s interior pretty much from everything. It protects you from temperature changes, rocks hitting from traveling on a higher speed, and such. Usually, this piece of glass is neglected and go unnoticed for the most part until it shows a chip or a crack. In the end, there’s nothing much you can do but get a windshield replacement Portland.

Most causes of cracks are obviously from hitting an object, but some are hard to predict. To know more about the common causes of windshield cracks, here are the five most common reasons you can consider.

truck1. Vehicular Accidents

Most major car accidents cause extensive damage to the windshield. This may be caused by hitting a solid object or by the explosion of gas. However, minor accidents or bumps can also lead to small cracks from the impact alone. It is best to let someone assess your windshield after any kind of collision.

2. Wrong Installation

Sometimes, cracks can appear even without any impact on your glass. In this case, you might want to check if the glass is installed correctly or loosely fit. Normal driving can result in frequent vibrations, which can lead to cracking of the glass. One good tip to check is to listen to any unusual sounds from your windshield or look for any visible vibration. If you suspect incorrect installation, have a technician adjust it to prevent further damage.

3. Low-Quality Glass

Sometimes when we cut down our budgets, we often sacrifice quality. Low-cost and low-quality windshields are more fragile and more likely to show signs of defects compared to high-quality glass. At first, it might not serve as something to worry about, but small cracks can turn to large cracks over time. Always choose a trustworthy brand and consult with your technician to prevent further damage in the future.

4. Extreme Changes in Temperature

Temperature changes can affect almost anything, including your windshield. Heat makes the glass expand while cold makes it contract. While windshields are manufactured to withstand such temperature changes, old cars or low-quality windshields are prone to damage from extreme temperature fluctuation. If possible, park your car where there’s a more stable temperature whenever frequent changes in the weather are present.


5. Rocks

When driving on highways and expressways, there’s a big chance that 18-wheeler trucks are present. Distance yourself from any large vehicles or any vehicles carrying a load as this might cause rocks hitting your windshield. Small chips may deepen over time because of your speed and can cause spiderweb cracks eventually.…